R-Really     E-Excellent     D-Decisions



All students are encouraged to participate in filling out their R.E.D. Ribbon BINGO sheet during the week of October 23 - October 27 to show how they are choosing to make healthy decisions. We ask that an adult at home put their signature on the card to show the actions were completed. (The BINGO sheet will go home in their folder.)


When the card is finished, take a picture and send it to TRptaredribbonweek@gmail.com for a completion prize. Let's support each other in making Really Excellent Decisions, and the class with the most participation from each grade will win a sweet treat party with a mystery celebrity guest!


*Pre-k through 2nd grade: BINGO across, down, or diagonal before submitting.

*3rd grade through 5th grade: Must mark off all the squares for the whole card BINGO before submitting. 



Also, students are encouraged to dress-up to show their support of R.E.D. Ribbon Week! This week will focus on how we can make Really Excellent Decisions to live a healthy life which includes being kind, active, responsible, hygenic, and using a positive mindset.


Monday, Oct. 23   

Making good decisions with play and activities. Flag on the Play!

-Wear Red to start the kick off of R.E.D. Ribbon week. Students will be given their BINGO card to take home.


Tuesday, Oct. 24

Healthy Exercise: Making Really Excellent Decisions on the Field!

-Wear a sports team shirt, jersey, or jacket!


Wednesday, Oct. 25

Making Good Choices with Food/Drink: Fueling Up for the Big Game!

-Bring a can and wear a hat! We will have a canned food donation on this day. Students are encouraged to bring 1 canned food item and wear a hat to support making healthy choices with food and drinks. Canned food items will be donated to a food drive to support our local community.


Thursday, Oct. 26

Making good choices with Stress: Seventh Inning Stretch!

-Wear your athletic wear to get ready to stretch your muscles and mind!


Friday, Oct. 27

Resisting Peer Pressure: Making Really Excellent Decisions is a Team Effort!

-School spirit wear (Wear a Timber Ridge shirt or grade level shirt)


*Dress code still enforced. No costume masks. No distracting or violent props.


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