R-Really     E-Excellent     D-Decisions



All students are encouraged to participate in filling out their R.E.D. Ribbon BINGO sheet during the week of October 26 - October 30 to show how they are choosing to make healthy decisions.


Printable Bingo Card


We ask that an adult at home put their signature on the card to show the actions were completed.


When the card is finished, take a picture and send it to TREredribbon@gmail.com for a chance to win an array of prizes.  A few lucky winners will get to join Dr. McGill, Ms. Maxwell, and some other Timber Ridge staff members for lunch!


*Pre-k through 2nd grade: BINGO across, down, or diagonal before submitting.

*3rd grade through 5th grade: Must mark off all the squares for the whole card BINGO before submitting. 



Also, students are encouraged to dress-up to show their support of R.E.D. Ribbon Week! This week will focus on how we can make Really Excellent Decisions to live a healthy life which includes being kind, active, responsible, hygenic, and using a positive mindset.


Monday, Oct. 26 - Wear Red: I love healthy choices!


Tuesday, Oct. 27 - Wear your favorite school spirited gear (Timber Ridge / Walton / Pope / College): think about your future education.


Wednesday, Oct. 28 - Wear your athletic gear: make time to get your exercise today and work out your muscles to relax you mind.


Thursday, Oct. 29 - Wear your most comfy PJ's or cozy clothes: manage your time so you have time to relax.


Friday, Oct. 30 - Wear a hat or a headband: hats off to friendship.


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