2024 Timber Ridge Science and Engineering Fair




What is the Science and Engineering Fair?


The Science and Engineering Fair is a wonderful way for elementary-aged students to participate in and experience a scientific or engineering project. Science and engineering projects involve research, design, and imagination on a topic of individual interest. The educational benefits to the students who complete a project include developing skills in writing, oral presentation, creative thinking, problem solving, and time management.


Who participates?


All students in grades K - 5 may participate individually or in a group of up to 3 people. Each project must consist of a student-led scientific investigation or engineering design (following accepted scientific methods). Register for the Science and Engineering Fair by completing this form. The deadline to register is January 10, 2024.   


When is the Science and Engineering Fair? 


The Timber Ridge Elementary Science and Engineering Fair will be held on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. Judging will take place during the day and classrooms will have the opportunity to walk through and view all of the projects during the school day. There will be a family award ceremony on Wednesday evening where the winners will be announced.


The top five projects from our school will go on to the Cobb County Virtual Science Fair in April 2024.


Rules and Regulations:

  • Safety first!
    • Never eat/drink during an experiment.
    • Wear protective goggles/gloves when needed.
    • All experiments should be supervised by an adult.
  • No pre-made or pre-fab projects.
  • No experiments with molds or bacteria of any kind!
  • No models including volcanoes or robots.
  • No experiments involving alcohol, drugs, firearms, and/or explosives.
  • Parents are encouraged to guide students, but Science and Engineering Fair projects should be student-led.


How are projects judged?


All projects will be presented on a standard tri-fold poster board. Judges will use a rubric to evaluate your question, hypothesis, background research, variables and controls, design, procedures, data (tables/graphs), and solution/conclusion. Consideration will also be given to creativity and poster presentation. There are no verbal presentations, and students will not be present for judging. Be sure to include all aspects of your project on the poster board.


Science Project Rubric

Engineering Project Rubric


The 5 projects with the highest scores (grades 1-5) will advance to the Cobb County District Science Fair. Timber Ridge will also offer recognition awards for the highest score in each grade level. All students participating in the Timber Ridge Science and Engineering Fair will receive participation ribbons.


Register for the Science and Engineering Fair by completing this form. The deadline to register is January 10, 2024. 


Contact Sarah Thalheimer at sarah.e.jacoby@gmail.com with any questions.



 *Additional information can be found on the CCSD Science Department Website


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