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Timber Ridge will celebrate the 2024 Exceptional Children’s Week March 11-15, 2024. During this special time each year, we have an opportunity to honor and celebrate our exceptional students and the amazing staff that support them.  


The 2024 Exceptional Children's Week programs will primarily focus on sensory integration awareness. Sensory integration refers to the processes in the brain that allow us to take information we receive from our senses, organize it, and respond appropriately.



Exceptional Donation Drive

The PTA will host a sensory manipulative donation drive throughout the month of March. Sensory tools help with behavioral and emotional challenges that students face and help with academic achievement and the advancement of social skills. All donations will go directly to Timber Ridge classrooms for ALL students to use while learning.


Click here for a curated list of preferred donations.



Exceptional Education

During ECW students will learn about using different senses during their Specials classes. They will also learn about famous people who learn differently through morning announcements on TRNN giving them an opportunity to identify with successful individuals who might learn like them. Parents will have the opportunity to learn more about sensory processing through weekly segments in our eFlash updates.



Exceptional Thanks

To wrap up the week, the PTA will make a monetary donation to our wonderful Special Education and Special Needs teachers for additional supplies and resources for their classrooms. The PTA will also provide cupcakes for each staff member who works specifically with our exceptional students.



Thanks to the families of Timber Ridge who donated to the annual PTA Donates campaign which make programs like Exceptional Children's Week possible! We look forward to an exceptional week!


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