honoring our heroes

Honoring Our Heroes is a writing program that encourages students to discover, honor, and write about real-life heroes—role models displaying generosity, trust, persistence, dedication, leadership, creativity, caring, bravery, imagination, service, gentleness, courage, or compassion. Students can recognize someone who has touched their lives directly: a family member, doctor, public safety officer, soldier, or teacher. They can also honor a professional athlete, movie star, or other public figure if that person has made an impact on the student’s life through dedication, perseverance, or other characteristics and NOT because of their fame.


Honoring our Heroes is a great opportunity to celebrate a special someone who may not even know what a difference they are making in your student’s life! The program also aims to keep kids motivated to write during the holiday break and to enhance their abilities and confidence as writers.


The student entry form can be found here.


Entries and questions can be emailed to ashleyrager919@gmail.com or left at the Front door of Timber Ridge in a bin labeled HONORING OUR HEROES.   Entries are due by February 5th. 






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